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Buckhurst Hill Airport Minicab Transfer

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Buckhurst Hill Airport Minicab Transfer:


Buckhurst Hill is a rural community located to the North-east of the Metropolitan area of London and Greater London urban area. An early description of Buckhurst Hill in history books dates back to 1135. "La Bocherste" was one of the historical references which talk about the area, known as the hill covered with beech trees. Now the whole locality is part of the Epping district of Essex. The transformation of the locality into a big residential centre started with the opening of Railways in 1856, initially part of the Eastern Counties Railways but now part of the Central line of London Underground. With the massive expansion of the London Metropolitan area in the last few years, a lot of households forced to move to nearest residential settlements like Buckhurst hill. These also lead to rising demand for effective and affordable transport modes for the citizens of the area.

Quick Car's Buckhurst Hill Minicab transfer service started a few years back aimed at catering to the commuting needs of the locals of the area. Post-2012 London Olympics the demand increased manifold. As the area is located a bit far away from all important destinations of the metropolitan area, finding a personalized Minicab service was always a problem for the locals and other Londoners coming to the area. Before we launched our service in the area, our research also identified a similar problem. Our existing experience of operating in the Metropolitan area for the last ten years gave us extra leverage when we started the service in the Buckhurst Hill area


Quick Car's Offering Under Buckhurst Hill Minicab Transfer Service:

Our zeal to provide a personalized and affordable to the citizens of the area motivated us towards creating service offerings most suitable to local needs. We currently offer our services under five basic categories:

1)      Airport transfer service: This is one of the most demanded services from our existing users. As we all know the distance between the Buckhurst Hill area and all major airport is approximately fifty miles, so getting an efficient and affordable Minicab service was always tough, especially during peak business hours or during odd hours of the day. We not only aim to make airport transfer service most efficient and affordable but also accessible as we are 24*7 and 365-day Minicab operator.

2)      Minicab solutions for special events: if you have a special event which is scheduled and looking for an affordable and efficient logistics partner, Quick Cars is always ready to serve as an affordable partner for you and your guest for the event.Just make sure that you share all the necessary details of the event with our team during booking. Our trained itinerary planners will make sure that everything runs smooth.

3)       Day hire services: This is one of the loved services by people who are visiting the area to do multiple meetings in a single area. You can always share your meeting schedules in advance and we will make sure that everything is gets executed as plan.

4)      Sightseeing service: This is a popular service among tourists. As the area have many interesting places to visit and is abundant with historical palaces and churches, our sightseeing service is always the most favoured option for tourists to explore this. We have offer trained drivers, who can also act your guide while taking you through all these important destinations in the area.

5)      Hire for road shows: The service under which our team can act as a dependable logistics partner. Our vehicle fleet is quite sufficient to manage road shows of any scale. While booking this particular service make sure that you don't forget to give a detailed view of the event in terms of the number of vehicles required, type of vehicle required, number of people expected during the show and the overall schedule.


Booking Buckhurst Hill Minicab transfer service:

We are 24*7 and 365-day service so we can be sure of our availability. You can book our service using any of the below-given ways.

A)       You can always give a call to our 24*7 call centre to book a service with us. You can reach us on 0208-520-8888 or 0208-520-1000

B)      You also book our service just by drop an email with your requirements to info@quickcarsuk.com and you can expect a response within the next 15 minutes.

C)       Booking it directly from the internet either using our website www.quickcarsuk.com or can download our app from the IoS app store


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